Medical Errors: A Hidden Killer

Study says medical errors are the third leading cause of U.S. deaths. How Upstate hospitals confront, contain the element of human error

Heads Up: Concussions Can Endanger High School Athletes

Experts: Play safe, protect your head, identify when the problem arises

Want to Raise a Puppy? Guide Dog Organizations Need Help

Puppy raisers needed to provide the first training for dogs that will serve as guide dogs

Suffering From Dizziness

Smartbites: Good-For-You Grapes Burst with Benefits

Savvy Senior: Donating Old Hearing Aids, Eyeglasses and Mobility Equipment

Ask The Social Security Office: Prepare for Your Disability Interview: Tips From Social Security

Local Group Condemns ‘Conversion Therapy’ 

Controversial practice was initially included in the Republican National Committee’s proposed platform

Intervention Radiology: Guiding Medicine from Diagnostics to Treatment

Field has dramatically expanded the role it plays in treatments, diagnosis

Forging a New Life on Your Own. Need Some help?

Hot Yoga, Anyone?

2 Kids an Hour Hurt in Strollers, Infant Carriers

About one-third of these were more serious injuries, study finds

Finally a Kidney, After a Three-Year Wait

Rochester Paul Bloser scheduled to undergo kidney transplant, after a long wait

MYD: George E. Matthews, M.D.

Cardiologist talks about his new home at UBMD and why he challenges medical students to look at medicine critically

Pay Gaps Persist for Female Doctors Across the U.S.: Study

Medicare reimbursement review finds male specialists earning more

Average American 15 Pounds Heavier Than 20 Years Ago

Growing wider but not taller, research shows. Men’s average weight now at 196 pounds; women, at 169

Blindness Biggest Fear for Many Americans

Losing vision s